Sky Art

Weird Sky


One thought on “Sky Art

  1. Somehow

    Luo found out about a chance to sing for
    Myanmar’s poor. She sang the Jasmine and
    Embroidered Wallet from her Hanzhou province.
    Her smile bespeaks last hour’s visit, five days
    abroad, cradled, swinging, laughing with music
    and stabs at Mandarin, while unjealous wives
    fix their hair, aware that spoken flow creates
    great passion after Manli leaves, the old man
    remains. Somehow the spirit of Tang Dynasty
    poetry is shy tonight, a new moon, so dark,
    hidden by clouds, coolly whistling through
    skies visible to beings we don’t know about,
    the rabbit is out there, but how can I offer a
    hand or a finger, a mouth or a toe to this
    late-spring flower who persists, as a human
    while cousins wither, and father reminds her
    that life’s many sweet moments are tempered
    abruptly, even as the reflections shimmer on
    the West Lake. They come, she now tells me, to
    dance, act, perform, laugh, embrace, renew, live.

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