Ghost in the Machine


I – On Strolls in the City Streets

Only step on light-coloured paving slabs;
there are gaping voids under the darker ones
filled with a twisted-mustard fog made up of cut-off hands, heads, and genitals
that grope, suck and squirt foul-smelling, luminous goo all over you
as you go deeper into the abyss;
your screams will fall on deaf ears, and your voice will drown you;
your voice will be your downfall.

II – On Sleep and Pillows:

Never sleep with a gun under your pillow;
someone you love might annoy you in the slightest – and vice versa –
nightmares are so much more frightening when they become reality.
You will bawl your eyes out
(your cries won’t be heard if you swallow a bullet first, of course),
and cleaning the corners, where witness spiders sneer, is a bitch.

Never sleep with a book under your pillow;
you might wake up thinking What a beautiful day,
not knowing that you’ve been sucked into one of the author’s stories –
leaked from his pen, though not inked;
the fleeting thought of a madman
who dreams about writing a bestseller on family murders.
You will scrub, scrub, scrub.

III – On Superstitions:

Avoid reading silly poetry about superstitions;
the words might be those of a madman who writes with a cheap ballpoint pen,
the ink spilled all over the page on purpose.

words and photography by Ramon Ramirez


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