Fossils of the Missing Ones – VII: The Wolf

Fossils of the Missing Ones – VII: The Wolf

“You shouldn’t be here,”
said Professor Sullivan with honest concern,
“Go back to your room.
Everything’s under control.
You need some more rest.”

“It’s just a flesh wound.
Besides, time is running out.
What happened last night?”

She lowered her head:
“You were hallucinating.
I have never-
heard you talk like that.”

“The Barbarian—” sand blew in my eyes,
“The boy. I have to find the boy.”

“What are you talking about?
Go and lie down, please.”

I spat as I spoke:
“We have to find Emma’s child,
don’t you understand?
The Barbarian took her only child,
and we haven’t found him yet.”

How do you know Emma had been a mother?
You can’t possibly—”

“You said you’ve never heard me talk like that;
the voice-
it was the boy’s voice.
He holds the one piece
we need to solve this puzzle.”

Just then, as she was about to tell me to please go and ef myself,
there came a loud cry.
We both looked up
to the strangely shaped mountain
where the sound had echoed.

“That’s a desert wolf if I’m not mistaken.
Hey, where’s everyone?”

“While you were resting,
a man from the Faculty—”

“—of Anthropology,”
I said for her,
“Let me guess:
he paid them off.”

“How did you know that?”

“He came to see me;
tried to bribe me,
told me it was time we left.”

Sullivan looked stumped:
“I guess it’s just you and me.”
Her voice was breaking.

“Oh, no, not at all.
We’re not alone, Professor.
The wolf is calling.”


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