Tracy’s New Bangles

Tracy’s jaw’s throbbing;
she’s been chewing on his love for too long,
rolls it over her tongue,
feels the sting of empty promises in her gums
fights the spikes of his lust in her lungs.

Her hands are shaking.
She spews and splutters his lies against the wall,
perforated promises aflutter,
like the wings of dying insects
caught in slime-drip-butter.

Her left knee buckles.
She looks down at his reflection in the blade,
chuckles; he looks so different
without his tongue and eyelids,
and the light in his evil beady eyes that fades.

Her wrist pulsates with strain.
She drops the bread knife and stares out the window,
fidgets with her new bangles—
she really likes the feel,
softer than expected, his Achilles heels.

words by Ramon Ramirez


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