Road Trip


Road Trip

Darkness spreads,
like a blot of blue ink
in a tall glass of drinking water;
it seeps into every fiber
of arid land—
the only indication of air
a shopping bag
flapping against a barbed wire fence stretching for miles
above the skyline
where sunset settles,
below a rush of upside-down stars
that melt away
into left-behind silence
that follows,
that haunts;
an invisible shadow that taunts
Coyotes and Saguaros;
a gigantic shadow that triggers
mass silver spine shivers
in the rear-view mirror
a gigantic hand
scrapes over the sand
a flash of lightning
and we drive and drive,
ready to rock ‘n’ roll
and stage dive
into tomorrow’s arms.

words by Ramon Ramirez

art by Craig Hopson


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