Cardboard Nightmares


Cardboard Nightmares

Looming in the shadows just before dawn
(when the buildings look bigger than they seem),
a boy rubs his eyes and forces a yawn –
it’s hard living a life built on cardboard dreams.

For some, like him, it’s difficult to cope;
no mother or father to look up to,
the only way out is a life of dope –
another day high, another day through.

Hanging in the shadows just after dusk
(when the buildings are monstrous beasts),
the smell of gun oil and leathery musk;
a man in a deer pelt is waiting to feast:

‘One kidney for dinner,
one to be sold,
and a little face mask,
just ‘cause it’s cold.’


art by Craig Hopson

words by Ramon Ramirez


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