The Silver Rocks of Life (a scifaiku) – IV: Life



A warm sensation,
like early spring’s morning rays
on my fingertips;
my face a flower,
wild flutters in my tummy.
The silver rocks bloom
slow-boiling rainbows
that simmer and bubble
dazzling pollen puffs –
stone turns to liquid.

With swarming intensity
chrome waves shelter me
from the outside world.

Surrounded by molecules,
strands of DNA;
enzymes and proteins
spinning, colliding, bouncing;
timing is crucial;
‘How’ is the question
in this molecular world
of ludicrous speeds.
Build and restructure,
fight and destroy intruders!

E v e r y t h i n g S l o w s D o w n

I am left standing
hands on knees, gasping for breath.
Cold sweat on my brow
drip-drip and follows
the silver liquid that drains
into sands of time.

Understanding dawns,
clear as winter’s morning star:
Timing is vital.

Raising my hands high
I step out, ready to face
Death, my enemy

and eternal friend,
for I had a vision:


Death’s eternal bride.


art by Craig Hopson

words by Ramon Ramirez

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