The Silver Rocks of Life (a scifaiku) – II: ‘Them’



Safety first: women
and children cower away,
for now, stone their homes.

The men take up arms,
rusted shotguns and grenades;
whatever is left

from the good old days
when man was superior
and machines mere aid:

the human mind ran away
with itself; advance
had become status
and money had become god,
our morals painted
in blood-red coats, GREED +
writing’s on the wall;

graffiti ethics
soon deteriorated,
red flakes in the wind

scrambled up with fear,
crushed underfoot as we fled
and they mutated

under our noses;
hordes of metal-machine-clones
searching for the rocks.

words by Ramon Ramirez

art by Craig Hopson

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