The Silver Rocks of Life (a scifaiku) – I: New World


New World

Underground dwellers,
doomed by our own wrongdoing.
Orange dunes rumble;

stone sliding doors slam
to the sound of the grumbling
rock-bellied dancers.

“Oxygen masks, on!”
the Sand Commanders holler

False alarm again?

“Get in your capsules!”
the Sand Commanders order –

Emergency drill?

Limestone floor swallows,
five thousand capsules plummet
human overdose.

New World’s lights glimmer,
below, gliding to safety.
I sigh and look up.

Before the doors shut,
I thought I’d seen shadows move;
gravity tends to—

Overhead trembling,
gigantic spider web cracks
rapidly forming;

silver-sharp drill bits
New World’s shiver reflected,
no anesthetic.

A dome in a dome,
translucent energy field,
New World’s protection

for a week, or so,
depending on their numbers.
For now all eyes fixed

on the constant drip
from their chrome-like tentacles:
they have found our lair.

words by Ramon Ramirez

art by Craig Hopson

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