Bamboo Girl

Bamboo Girl

Ecstasy rips through my being,
an alien cocoon
liquefied by cold waves of euphoria
washes over me
when I hear her footsteps.

Her feet sink into the Persian in the hallway.

The stray cats outside announce her arrival,
paw-tracing secret shadow-messages,
violent black strokes
that halves the moon, and it bleeds.

I start to hyperventilate and sit up.
The stairs creak.

Her bamboo leaf green silk kimono
green mambas
over her ankles and knees.

Seeping through the keyhole, a single breath
silver-fresh air,
a husky ‘Konbanwa’.

The doorknob rattles open;
her hair
incense smoke slow dancing
in abandoned forest shrines.

Shiny slits for eyes illuminate the room;
a century-second passes,
mountain mist flows
over her breasts and hips
like fantastic waterfalls.

She opens her legs.
I smell her forest.


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