Groovy Suburban Disco Assassin


Groovy Suburban Disco Assassin

Groovy is the light
drunken tango zigzag shebang
over the blinds
colour overflow
into a dirty coffee mug
over stale bread;
a slug
ate through the window
a bullet in the head.

Flies buzz-buzz
maggots chomp-chomp
he taps his silencer,
wine bottle
coffee mug
soggy toast;
seventeen minutes after sunrise
he gets up
on the kitchen table,
bobs his head
to the sound of Saturday morning
lawnmowers’ bee-gees, bee-gees;
puts one hand in the air,
and rubs his crotch
to the screams of housewives
being fucked by whoever
or whatever.

art by Craig Hopson

words by Ramon Ramirez

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